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Is Hyde Rebel Pro A Good Vape?

Hyde Rebel Pro Is A Good Vape
Is Hyde Rebel Pro A Good Vape?

Hyde Rebel Pro is a great disposable for me in the past month. I love its smooth silky vapor and boba shake flavor. If you are looking for a vape pen that offers a high puff count, Hyde REBEL Pro Disposable Vape Pen is your product with 5000 Puffs


  • Design: This is a modified version of the popular Hyde Rebel Recharge. Its cylindrical shape and wide, protruding mouthpiece allow for an optimal experience
  • Puff Count: With 5000 puffs, this vape pen is a godsend for those who enjoy long vaping sessions. You need not worry about your next vape-based purchases for a while
  • Rechargeable: With a Micro USB, you can recharge your 600mAh battery with no hassle
  • Tobacco-free: The 5% nicotine is free of tobacco
  • Flavorful Range: Choose from a range of 20+ exciting flavors