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How Much Does A Hyde Mag Cost?

Hyde Mag How much
How Much Does A Hyde Mag Cost?

Hyde Mag will cost 18$. This disposable Vape Pen with 4500 puffs is rechargeable and travel-friendly. Moreover, the vape Hyde Mag design get its inspiration from the model of SMOK Mag kit.


  • Design: Its ergonomic design provides great grip for the user. The mouthpiece is rounded at the bottom and protrudes narrowly on top for a seamless vaping experience. It is light-weight as well
  • Puff Count: Hyde Mag offers 4500 puffs for a long-lasting experience
  • Rechargeable: The 500mAh battery can be recharged easily as it is equipped with a Micro USB port.
  • Capacity: The e-liquid capacity is 10ml with 5% tobacco-free nicotine
  • Flavorful Vape: There are 20+ flavors offered, including Mandarin Lime, Peach Lemon, and Mango