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How Long Should A Hyde N-Bar Last?

Hyde N Bar Vape
How Long Should A Hyde N-Bar Last?

The Hyde N-Bar should last up to a half month with its prefilled vape juice. Moreover, Hyde N-Bar 4500 Puffs Rechargeable is extraordinary with its 24 flavors and a puff count that is 4 times higher than the majority of disposable vape products is an extraordinary pen in this price range.


  • Efficient Design: Elegant and efficient design with popping colors and small design. Fits easily within the curves of the fingers and the protruding mouthpiece is particularly convenient.
  • Rechargeable: High value for money as this pen is rechargeable with a battery power of 600mAh
  • Quantity: Since it comes with 10mL capacity for vape juice, you can enjoy 4500 puffs. Nicotine level is at 5%