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How Does The Hyde Edge Rave Work?

Hyde Edge Review
How Does The Hyde Edge Rave Work?

The Hyde Edge Rave works in a auto-draw activation. In other words, it works immediately when you inhale from its mouthpiece. The Edge RAVE Hyde 4000 Puffs Rechargeable TFN is a modern vape pen with brand mew features and benefits for an unparalleled experience


Design: Hyde Edge Rave comes with a dial that you can use to regulate the airflow. The built-in LED light is an added benefit along with the single on-off button to make your life more convenient

  • Tobacco-free: The 5% nicotine is free of tobacco
  • Rechargeable: The 600mAh battery can be easily charged with the micro USB charger
  • Long-lasting: 4000 puffs for highest return value
  • Flavors: Did you know that the Hyde Edge RAVE comes with 22 scrumptious flavors? What are you waiting for?