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How Do I Know If My Hyde Rebel Is Real?

Hyde Rebel Review
How Do I Know If My Hyde Rebel Is Real?

You can scan the QR Code on the package for the authentic information to make sure you Hyde REBEL is reliable. Hyde REBEL 4500 Puffs Rechargeable is an easy-to-use, high-return disposable vape product and is the hottest selling model.


Design: Hyde REBEL comes with a smooth grip and a pragmatic cylindrical design to fit perfectly into your hands

High Count: With 4500 puffs, 5% nicotine potency, and 10mLl of the liquid, you can enjoy this product over a long period

Recharging System: The recharging system will enable you to leverage this product till the juice runs out

Flavor Range: Pick from around 19 flavors including Spearmint, Cola Ice, and Lush Ice

Discreet Shipping: The packing is discreet for your benefit