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Esco Bars MEGA Rechargeable For 5000 Puffs

Esco Bars Mega
Esco Bars MEGA Rechargeable For 5000 Puffs

Your search for the longer-lasting disposable vape pen ends with Esco Bars MEGA 5000 Puffs. Unlike most vapes that run out of power after a few puffs, this vape pen can be recharged in 30 minutes for a power boost. Other than its outstanding performance, the Esco Bars Mega boasts a sport striking look with a rounded corner rectangle shape. Thus, it is comfortable to hold for an unmatched vaping experience.

Special Features

  • Large round mouthpiece for powerful draws
  • 2 air-ports at the bottom lets you control the draw
  • Mesh coil ensures smooth flavors every time