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Dab Nails vs Bong Bowls: Which Is Better for You

dab nails vs bong bowls
Dab Nails vs Bong Bowls: Which Is Better for You

Dab Nails vs Bong Bowls: Which Is Better for You

Dab nails or bong bowls are usually used while dabbing or smoking. This blog introduces you to the differences between these two weed accessories. For those who have experienced vaping cannabis, taking a step ahead and transitioning to dabbing with dab rigs or smoking dry herb with bongs may seem daunting. These processes are different from vaping; moreover, they vastly differ.

With the furor surrounding the global legalization of cannabis, it is hard to go about the day without hearing cannabis-related news. Along with advancements in legal policies, the cannabis industry takes a step forward each day, whether introducing new ways and equipment to enhance the experience of consumers or making breakthrough research about the benefits of the medicinal plant.

However, despite many differences and the unique experiences that dab rigs and bongs offer, it is very easy to confuse the two for each other. This article will aid you in familiarizing yourself with the differences between wax dabbing and dry herb smoking.

Dabbing Vs. Smoking

Before delving deep into the specifications of these two weed accessories, it is essential to know about the differences between the dab rigs and water pipes.

To start with, the fundamental difference between dabbing and smoking is based on the form of cannabis used. We use legal concentrates like waxes and oils for dabbing—meanwhile, bong bowls for smoking dry herbs.

Moving on, it is essential to note that bongs have been in existence much longer than dab rigs. The primary characteristic that gives discretion to both the equipment is their heat holding capacity.

It is the core feature that brings about a unique experience in both methods. You need to use the flame from a match or a lighter to light a bong. However, to burn a dab nail, you need to use a blowtorch to vaporize the concentrates effectively.

Nevertheless, both the methods are similar in relying on water filtration to cool and filter the smoke or vapor.

What Are Dab Nails?

Dab nails are the places where the dabs are located. Given the more potent effects that dabbing produces compared to traditional concentrate consumption methods, it has gained a lot of popularity.

Dab rigs are water pipes that are fitted with a nail. They are an essential accessory of the dab rigs, without which the water pipe is useless.

Furthermore, dab nails often come with an add-on device called a “dome.” This optional device traps the vapors and prevents them from escaping by placing the dome over the dab nail.

What Are Bong Bowls?

Bong bowls are the very basic part used for loading dry herbs of the bongs. Bongs have been in use for many years for smoking dry herbs. However, the bong equipment is purposeless without a bong bowl.

A bong bowl is a removable bowl that is attached to a water pipe. It has a funnel shape, with the broadest part being the bowl and the piece that slides into the pipe being the smaller end.

In addition, bong bowls come in many sizes and materials. Moreover, they can fit into the stem of other pipes, adding to their convenience.

What are the differences Between Dab Nails and Bong Bowls?

In terms of use, dab nails for dab rigs and bong bowls for bong vary as they are part of devices that use different cannabis concentrates.

Other than being parts of different cannabis gears, dab nails and bong bowls differ from one another in many other aspects as well; which are:

Wax Vs. Dry Herbs: Dab nails are for waxy concentrates of cannabis, while bong bowls are suitable for dry herbs. Neither of the two is interchangeable. Moreover, dab nails give different experiences that vary accordingly with the manufacturing material.

Dab rig Vs. Bong: Bongs have been around for longer. However, dab rigs are relatively recent in comparison. A dab rig refers to the water pipe set up and the essential accessories while dabbing. The design is specifically such that it supports inhaling the dense concentrates and provides a better flavor and vapor consistency.

Meanwhile, the bong has a similar device setup that consists of a downstem into a water reservoir, a body cavity to hold smoke, and a top-facing mouthpiece for inhaling.

Heat: The required heat in both the methods, the capacity to heat up and retain the heat, is vastly different. The design of bong bowls isn't suitable for enduring high heat levels as the heating of bong bowls has minimal effect on the smoking experience.

On the contrary, dabbing is heavily dependent on heat. Therefore, dab nails are made of materials that can quickly heat up and retain a lot of heat. These are heated using a blowtorch so that the wax can easily vaporize.

A dab nail that is too hot will result in a lot of wastage of the wax concentrate. On the other hand, the wax doesn’t vaporize if it is too cold.

Packing Vs. Dabbing: The loading process is different for both dabbing and smoking. We load bong bowls with finely ground herb. The dry herbs are easier to handle, and the loading process is comparatively mess-free. Contrastingly, dabbing is very messy, as you have to handle sticky wax prone to forming clogs.

Dab Nails and Bong Bowls How Are They Similar?

Moving on from the differences between the two processes, you should also know how they are similar.

Both dab nails and bong bowls are units of a device and have a specific, somewhat peculiar function. However, despite all the differences, both the weed accessories have similar purposes. These dabbing or smoking accessories are portable and affordable, adding to the convenience.

Moreover, both are an integral part of their respective setups, without which their devices are unusable.

Dab nails and bong bowls are available in many designs and are made of different materials. Dab nails are made from quartz, ceramic, silicone, and titanium. Simultaneously, bong bowls are available in glass, silicone, metal, ceramic, and other designs. You will have a lot of choices from the online head shop. There are also many unique and exquisitely built shapes and glass accessories that help you enjoy the dabbing and smoking.