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Best Cannabis Wax Concentrates and Steps to Consume

Best Cannabis Wax Concentrates to Consume
Best Cannabis Wax Concentrates and Steps to Consume

Best cannabis wax concentrates are popular among vapers and dabbing users. Those wax are consumes by vaping or dab pens. Here are the detail steps for you. The authorities of many states have legalized cannabis cultivation and through this act, the number of flavors and strains are hitting the market with new variants. Cannabis has been introduced to use with dab pens from decades but it sounds new and confusing thing to the fresh consumers. The wax concentrates derive from cannabis strain and all cannabis green plants look similar to newbies. Due to huge similarities and dissimilarities, the growing world of wax dabbing concentrates can be confusing to new consumers. Therefore, we have decided to write on the complete guide of dabbing, vaping and cannabis wax concentrates, it will cover all the basic info to make you clear.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is term interrelated to vaping, this is the act or means of inhaling small amounts of cannabis concentrates in vaporized form, usually it involves cannabis wax oil and resin.

What Is Wax Concentrate?

Cannabis wax concentrates are extracted THC and CBD from the cannabis plants, as the strains are classified into three forms: Indica (tends to induce relaxing effects), sativa (provokes creative and motivated effects), and hybrid strain (it is a mixture of both). These strains are responsible for extracting concentrates and each one adds specific property to the concentrates.

Wax Concentrate Types

The range of cannabis wax concentrates is very long, it covers almost all the items from an extract to vaping cartridges, all the puzzling terms that you may have heard like shatter, dabs, wax or crumble, are included in wax concentrates. Let us clarify the types of wax concentrate that can catch at first glimpse.

Solvent-Based Cannabis Concentrates


Cannabis wax concentrate is available in hard and crumbling form, it is often used for dabbing process, especially cannabis wax pen, through this process the wax is heated enough to melt down and next it converts into vapors that consumers inhale. Wax manufacturing process involves the mix-up of trichomes head of cannabis plants in a solvent. Solvent can be butane, propane, or alcohol. The rest of the residue from the extract is removed by flogging, this will separate the THC particles from the excess of solvent. Heating level in this procedure is relatively very low, through this, more flavor is preserved by terpenes.


Shatter is manufactured through similar process like wax vape. However, firstly the sludgy product is included to parchment and then placed in vacuum, eliminating the solvent as the mixture spreads through the waxy sheet. This will prepare a dark tawny ingredient whose fragile value suggest its name.


Resin is belonged to the family of cannabis oil and it stores a good amount of taste and smell of flower. The consumers, who feel other concentrates too much cooked, find this resin the blend of ease and strength of distillates while offering appealing huge advantages. Quality wise, it is wholly reliable upon cannabinoid profile because they add the flavors of live flower in it. Another reason is that they do not use frozen plant material in manufacturing.

CO2 Oil

It is prepared by using carbon dioxide with high pressure to isolate THC from plant mixture. It is little bit costly high tech procedure, but gives a clean and clear result and it is mostly used by expert manufacturing companies.

Non-Solvent Cannabis Concentrates


Kief is possibly the most common cannabis concentrate among consumers. For extracting it, you do not require any special solvent or costly procedures; it just needs a good working grinder. Kief can be seen with naked eyes on marijuana plants, you can see the covering of little white hairy trichomes. They are high in THC and good at inducing psychoactive effects.


You can prepare it at your home like with any suitable heating source. By putting the bud as a sandwich in wax parchment and put it on high heat separates the oil from the plant’s trichomes, this will result the pancake in center surrounded by good amount of liquid. Now it do not requires any processing and is ready to huff and puff.

Difference Between Shatter vs Wax

Shatter and wax have huge difference; shatter is a luminous hard sheet that regularly withers to a toffee-like toughness when all the butane fades. It is not blended to make a new constancy. Occasionally, it looks sticky like cold honey. Sometimes, it gives a consistency in between solid and liquid, similar to taffy.

Wax is available in semi-solid state and looks dense, like hair wax or nutella. Wax is made while medium evaporation. The molecules of resin do not settle down evenly into the glass-like mesh of shatter. Evidently, strain’s background play a key role in defining the general outcome of any concentrate. Nonetheless which kind of solvent is used, strain still presents the greatest significance.

How Shatter & Wax can be made?

In making procedure, mature flowers are packed into a tube. Formerly, butane is forcefully passed through the tube. Because butane works as a solvent and separates the cannabinoids and other constituents from the plant material. In last procedure, butane is also removed from the extract and then are evaporated. This procedure decreases the value of extract because butane is unhealthy for person. It all depends upon solvent type, terpene profile, temperature of manufacturing, and method of evaporation, Butane Hash Oil is common for inducing different tones of extract with changing physical constancies.

How to Make Cannabis Wax at Home?

Yes, it is possible to prepare cannabis shatter wax from weed at home, all you need to have enough buds that you can use to make them. You will require a few things before starting the procedure, check below and then get started:

Tools for Preparing Shatter & Wax

· Oven gloves

· Hair straighteners

· Kief

· Baking paper

You can collect the Kief through different ways but the simplest way will be by using Kief catcher and grinder or bud across fine mesh screen and collecting the buds that plunge over. More methods that are inclusive can also be used, for example cold-water extraction method. Any method you choose, you will want a reasonable bit if you decide to mark a decent quantity of shatter wax.

Directions on How to Use Cannabis Wax

Let us follow the below mentioned step one by one:

· Empty your Kief on the baking paper; try to preserve it in a square.

· Tightly roll-on the baking paper on the Kief in a square. If essential, fix it with masking tape and cut down the ends. Next, wrap it again in a new paper.

· Now turn on your hair straightener. Once it reaches the maximum temperature, tightly press the baking paper in it and count to 10 seconds. Use gloves as precautionary measures; this will save you from burning your hands.

· You will notice a honey-like stuff has oozed out from the inner Kief onto the outside. This is actual wax. Slightly unfold the layers one by one and leave it to cool. Once it becomes dry, pull it off from the paper, and get a pure homemade shatter wax.

· Next, again wrap the sheets and repeat the procedure. It is also possible that you do not get all at first round.

· Use a wax cartridge and enjoy yourself!

Good Wax Vs Bad Wax

Good wax should be soft, opaque, and fair in color. However, all cannabis plants can make good as well as bad waxes. It’s up to you to find the difference! One of the instant ways to clear out the class of cannabis wax is checking by its color. Usually, darker coloration suggests poorer quality and burned waxes, while a light amber color signifies the pure form of cannabis wax. Though, do not make it a rule of thumb for checking the quality of wax because sometimes good quality wax can also be present in dark color, as some strains possess darker terpene.

I suggest the fastest and right way to check the quality is by tasting it. A pure extract will give a clean and delicious taste, with the terpene humming in concord. Poor-quality cannabis wax gives bad and dirty taste, same like burnt taste. Hygienic and strong effects are all that you should assume from a top quality cannabis wax concentrates.