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5 Types of Basic Glass Smoking Pipes That You Need

5 Types of Basic Glass Smoking Pipes That You Need

You might have a favorite smoking pipe or glass pipe that you stick with most of the time, right? Just because they are comfortable to use, easy to clean, and have an aesthetic and beautiful appeal. But they can make your smoking sessions humdrum and dreary.

Thus, deviation becomes necessary if you want your endocannabinoid system to enjoy a little. Moreover, a glass pipe or a weed pipe is available in a wide array of styles that you, as a novice smoker, might not be familiar with.

So if you wish to increase your arsenal to enjoy the herbs with pure, clean, and magnificent flavor and vapors, we have accumulated five classic pieces of glass pipe for smoking that you can add to your collection.

Variation in the inhalation techniques becomes crucial if you want to spice up your life. Each glass smoking pipe discussed below has its distinct advantages and offers an exceptional smoking experience. These are as follows:

One Hitter (Chillums)Smoking Pipe

Chillum pipe for smoking is originated from the Hindi word, meaning pipe. It is regarded as the status symbol among travelers and is one of the most manageable, portable, affordable, and effortless items on the list.

The one-hitter smoking pipe is a straight, discreet, and simple pipe that is around three inches in size. What makes chillum different from a traditional pipe is that chillums do not possess small holes on the sides called carbs.

What's more, the other end of the mouthpiece has a small bowl that packs enough dry herbs for one great smooth hit, hence the name. Plus, these gorgeously designed compact pipes produce hits that are different in volume and temperature.

Its hotter hits deliver an extremely smooth experience and hard-hitting highs than conventional pipes.

Spoon Glass Smoking Pipe

Spoon pipes are the most sought-after and essential smoking accessory available in various colors, styles, and sizes. Moreover, they resemble an actual spoon and come in colorful, sleek designs.

These portable and discreet spoons are similar to chillums in construction and shapes; however, with a few notable differences.

In addition, these handheld spoon pipes consist of four parts, i.e., a mouthpiece, a bowl head, a small tube, and a carburetor (carb).

A large upward-facing bowl helps you pack all the luscious tobacco, herbs, and smoking flowers, while the carb on the bowl's side provides comfortable and easy control with the help of the finger.

What else? Carbs enhance the efficiency and functioning of the pipe and allow users to inhale more air. Not to mention, these functional spoons glass pipes are pretty handy, and they can be as large as 5.5 inches or as small as 2 inches.

Steamrollers Smoking Pipe

Steamroller smoking pipes are ideal for intermediate-to-experienced smokers who wish to end up their smoking sessions or need a transition from spoon pipes.

However, these are preferably recommended for advanced smokers because of their complicated setup and require more practice.

You might have seen these acrylic, wide-mouthed pipes with metal bowls and stems in plenty of 90s stoner movies. These dry hand pipes are pretty much the same that deliver clear instant hits.

Similar to bongs, these hand pipes have bowl and carb. If we talk about their design and appearance, they are straight, elongated, and cylindrical. These hollow pipes have a bowl at the pipe's top, a mouthpiece, and a carburetor. Their large carbs allow individuals to use their palms when controlling the carburetor.

Furthermore, steamroller smoking pipes are exceptional to use because they offer bigger pulls, hit hard, and their narrow and long body cools down the smoke before hitting your lungs.

Sherlock Pipe for Smoking

The smoking connoisseurs hail this classic glass pipe because of its unique aesthetics, practicality, and clean hits. Sherlock pipe got its name after the iconic pipe that Sherlock Holmes used for smoking.

In addition, these versatile pipes are a combination of comfort, functionality, and style. They are larger than spoon pipes but small enough to fit in hand.

What about their design? Their elongated shape, fairly large bowl, and arched stem make them unique and distinctive from chillums and spoon pipes.

What's more, because of their curved features, the smoke cools down instantly when you pull from the mouthpiece. Hence, making them different from the straight inhalation smoking apparatus like chillums and spoons.

Furthermore, Sherlock pipes usually possess a single carburetor and are engineered from heat-resistant and durable borosilicate glass for never-ending enjoyment.

Gandalf Pipes for Smoking

Gandalf pipe is named after Gandalf the Grey and later Gandalf the White, a fictional character, particularly a glass pipe smoking long-haired wizard, in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series created by J. R. R. Tolkien.

If you were unfamiliar with this pipe, now you know a little history! This long-stemmed pipe-weed is something to be crossed off your bucket list.

Gandalf smoking pipes are quite similar to the Sherlock pipes; however, their stems are longer. Moreover, these pipes are widely available in carbless forms and are crafted from various materials like bone, wood, or sturdy borosilicate glass.

In addition, their thin, long necks attached to the bowls deliver a relaxed, smooth pull. Since they have a long stem, the smoke travels around eight to ten inches before reaching the mouthpiece, and you can use this accessory for extended hours.

Overall, Gandalf pipe is a must-have if you want to enjoy the epic effects of the big drags and master those smoke rings.

Choosing a Smoking Pipe That is Solely at Your Discretion

Are you in search of convenience and portability in smoking pipes? Glass hand pipes are the answer! The glass weed pipe is a modern innovation and is one of the most elegant ways to enjoy your quick smoking sessions anywhere you like.

Plus, if you wish to go discreet, there is no better option than these hand pipes. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to manage. They are manufactured from high-quality lab-tested glass that is durable and safe enough to withstand extreme temperatures.

If you are a novice smoker, it is best to begin with chillums and spoon glass pipes as they have a simple design and are straightforward to use. Start your amazing smoking pipe experience from a reliable online head shop now.