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11 Meaningful Gifts for Your Stoner Friends

11 Meaningful Gifts for Your Stoner Friends

Giving gifts to your stoner friends on any occasion such as birthday, half-birthday, earth day or reward for their success is an excellent strategy to spread positivity, love and joy. It does not make your bond with your friend strong relatively; it also makes your place in their heart. I am used to giving my friends gifts for no reason whenever they help me out when I'm stuck in any situation as thanks. Therefore, I've made a surprising amount of happy memories with my friends while exchanging gifts. You should also do it to make your life more colorful and cheerful. Now the question arises, besides the best dry herb vaporizers, what else you can give to your stoner friend as a gift? So, I'm here with the best recommendations for a gift for you. In this article, you will learn about the things that you should give your stoner friends once in their life:

1. Cannabis

Cannabis is a most common and vital gift which can be given to your friends on their birthday, as a favor or to say thanks. It is the first gift that your stoner friends deserve to receive initially in their life. In return, they will also send you cannabis, but with new strains, so you'll be able to enjoy the variety of cannabis strains. In addition, you can enjoy your gifted cannabis in front of your family or partner without going to the bathroom to enjoy it.

2. Rolling Papers

Papers seem awkward and cheap but believe me; it is the best gift to give your stoner friends. It is packed in the joint-rolling lessons. The art of joint rolling is not an innovation. Instead, it has been passed from generation to generation and is improving with the advancement of technology. You cannot make it home on the first attempt, so you've to buy an automatic roller. But with the passage of time and continued practice, you can learn it.

3. Febreeze or incense

It is the most valuable gift which can be given to your roommate or comrade. If your friend lives in his own house separately, it is a practical gift to change the mood and environment of a living place with a pleasant aroma. Candles and incenses are highly recommended for relaxing aromas. In addition, incenses can be used while doing other activities such as yoga to improve your concentration on your posture.

4. Clothes and accessories

You can give your friend a piece of shirt or hoodie as a gift with a tag" God Bud" or another. I hope so, and he'll love it more when he wears it. To every stoner friend, you should give at least one representative wearable shirt in your life to make him happy and feel special. You can also support him by giving him a meaningful accessory such as a tattoo if he's an earnest supporter of the cannabis movement.

5. Hand-pipe

It is the most practical, unique and valuable gift to your stoner friends. There is a wide variety of hand-pipe depending upon their shape, style, size, cost, and color. So, you can buy any from them by considering all these variables. But believe me, if you give a hand-pie gift to your stoner friend, you'll never regret it.


Nothing more valuable than a rolled joint as a gift for your stoner friends. The personal rolled joint creates a perfect and amazing atmosphere for memories and fills up the room with aroma and wonderful smell. A rolled joint or a blunt make your night memorable, so you should consider it before giving a gift to your stoner friends.

6. Percolator Bong

Bongs are water pipes used to consume herbs and refined cannabis products such as hash, rosin and shatter. These bongs may vary in size, shape, and design. Bongs are now gaining popularity in the vaping and cannabis industry. These bonds are made up of glassware. Now, bongs are available in custom setups and kits to make your dabbing experience more wonderful. Moreover, bongs have a rich and legendary historical background. They have been in the market even for hundreds of years. But, in this era, bongs gained more significance and popularity. Thus, it’s an ideal gift for your stoner friend.

7. Poster/ Tapestry

Sometimes you want to say many things to your stoner friends, but due to multiple reasons, you can't speak up. So, you can give them a poster or tapestry as a gift in this condition. It will build the environment of his home and make him happy by influencing his mood variations. So, you can give him any poster or tapestry regarding serene, exciting or mysterious.

8. Brownies

Few things in everyone life cause mouthwatering just by hearing their names. Brownies are one of them. The magical brownies are highly suggested for your stoner friends, but the regular brownies are restricted. So, you can bake brownies at your home and share them with your stoner friends to make sure that everything is going smoothly in your friendship.

9. A Stash Box

Every stoner dream to have a collection of boxes, including tins, unopened soda cans and containers but the most precious stash gift is the blunt wooden box. It is helpful to store various things such as joints, spliffs, extra buds or lighters depending upon your sections in the box. You can also hold your rollers within it. Moreover, you can make a stash box at your home by using a curved lid and a small divider in the wooden box. So, wait for what? Go and make a stylish box for your friend to hold their all accessories in one place.

10. Advice

Nothing can compete with a wise friend. So, the best thing that you can present to your stoner friends is advice. Most stoners are very calm, so they're open, relaxed and straightforward while speaking up their thoughts. So, always try to give the best advice to your stoner friends to help them in any case. So, this is the best gift that someone can give to their friends in any situation.

11. Conclusion

The gift is not only a way to establish your connection with your friends. Instead, gifts can also strengthen your bonding with friends. So, you should give any gift to your stoner friends regarding weed or cannabis to make feel them unique and blessed that they have friends like you in their life. So, a list of gifts including cannabis, papers, febreeze or incense, clothes or accessories, hand-pipe, personal rolled joint or blunt, poster or tapestry, brownies, a stash box or serious advice. These are the best and more valuable gifts for your stoner friends. Further, you can consider the choice of your friends before giving any gift on any occasion.